• Jasminer X16-P Eth Classic Miner Quick View
  • Jasminer X4 – 2500MH/s Quick View
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      Jasminer X4 – 2500MH/s Quick View
    • Jasminer X4 – 2500MH/s

    • Original price was: $14,149.00.Current price is: $10,399.00.
    • Warranty Period for all Miners The warranty period for brand new machines is 6 months No warranty period for used machines Discover the Jasminer X4, a high-performance ASIC miner designed for efficient and rapid cryptocurrency mining. Explore its impressive features, exceptional hashrate of 2500MH/s, energy efficiency, and how it can revolutionize your mining operations, maximizing your potential for earning rewards…
  • Jasminer X4-1U C – 460MH/s Quick View
  • Jasminer X4-1U- 520MH/s Quick View